Practicing deltaCure®

If you want to work with the deltaCure® technique, be it because you are already working in a healing or health profession in an existing practice, be it because you want to open your own practice or even just because you are looking for a practicable method for self-help for yourself and your family and friends, it is easy to get started. Practically anyone can learn it, no special skills are required. Previous knowledge of the healing profession does not hurt, but is not absolutely necessary. All that is required is a willingness to open oneself to new things, as well as some patience, as is generally needed when learning a meditation technique.

Already with the completion of the first three-day basic seminar (soul) with a certified deltaCure® teacher, you will receive a certificate that identifies you as a deltaCure® practitioner and entitles you to officially work with this method. You can also, if you wish, be registered on our website, so that someone who is looking for a treatment can find you as the deltaCure® practitioner in his area. You can also appear and advertise with the name deltaCure® and the associated logos.

The best thing about it is: You do not have to join any association or other institution or pay any fees or contributions in any other way. The certificate entitles you to work officially as a deltaCure® practitioner for three years and to use all the benefits of the deltaCure® organization. After three years you can extend the certificate with a refresher seminar, if you have not attended another deltaCure® seminar in the meantime anyway. With the completion of this seminar, the three-year period in which your certificate is valid automatically begins anew.