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Welcome to deltaCure!

deltaCure® has been around for about three years. It has emerged from the experiences of my years of treating many people in need of help and dealing with a wide variety of treatment methods. They have opened the way for me to a new technique that promises direct access to the origin of problems and complaints, and this much easier and simpler than I had previously experienced.

The name of this technique, deltaCure®, comes from healing with delta frequencies. These are the deepest vibrational levels that regularly accompany us during sleep. And indeed, changes after a treatment usually happen only after the first deep sleep during night time. This sounds almost unreal, but on closer examination it is quite explainable.

Of course, deltaCure® had to mature in order to be introduced to a larger circle of interested people. In the meantime, I have treated numerous people with it and trained many practitioners and teachers in it. The response is overwhelming and so the next step is to go online with deltaCure®.

You can see the result here on my website and on the corresponding pages on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to know more about deltaCure®, please contact us or even better one of the deltaCure® practitioners (“deltaCurer”) in your area.

Simone Tomasetti-Freymann