Introduction to deltaCure®

deltaCure® is an instrument that can be used quickly and efficiently in daily life to activate self-healing powers. Behind it is a special meditation technique, which has been developed by Simone Tomasetti-Freymann in many years of energetic work on the basis of the most diverse healing practices and methods and which functions as a therapeutic self-help instrument. It helps to initiate changes and to achieve a lasting improvement of complaints and problem solving.

The basis of the method is deep meditation, during which the user puts himself in a low-frequency delta state comparable to deep sleep. In this state it is possible to dissolve blockages of any kind in a very simple, intuitive way and to initiate holistic changes. deltaCure® is based on the understanding that everything is connected to everything else and that everything around us is an expression of different vibrations or frequencies.

The deltaCure® technique, unlike other energetic methods, is multidimensional, i.e. it opens up holistic and profound changes on all levels with the aim of bringing frequencies into balance and thus eliminating fundamental disharmonies on the level of body, mind and soul.

What is deltaCure®?

DeltaCure® is a technique with which you can change the vibration of a person, but also of any other individual, and thereby bring about positive changes in him. It works a little bit like homeopathy, which also works with vibration changes. With the difference that deltaCure® does not get its impulses for vibration changes from single elements and materialities, but from the totality of all vibration fields available in the universe/cosmos. That is why I sometimes call deltaCure® “cosmic homeopathy”.

What is deltaCure® based on?

The basis of the functioning of deltaCure® is the consideration of the human being as a holistic individual. I.e. we consider the human being as a composition of what he sees and how he perceives himself (the outer appearance or body), what he thinks (the mind) and what he feels (the soul). Consequently, the individual is the totality of body, mind and soul.

Within these three entities (the respective totality of all qualities associated with these terms), the soul – and in this respect deltaCure® differs from many other techniques – represents the central switchboard for the well-being of the human being. If the soul is ill, the human being is ill and vice versa. Therefore, deltaCure® is primarily aimed at bringing the soul back into balance – into harmony – so that body and mind can recover.

Another central component of deltaCure® is the realization that everything in us and around us consists of the finest vibrations. Not only colors, sounds or light consist of frequencies, but also every human cell and ultimately every form of matter. Quantum physics teaches us that at the end of the analysis of matter – the more closely it is examined and the finer the individual components are differentiated – there is always vibration. This is significant because vibrations are subtly changeable, i.e. it is conceivable that a disharmonious, defective vibration pattern of a human being can be changed to a harmonious, balanced vibration pattern, as it corresponds to a healthy human being. And this is exactly where deltaCure® comes in: With the help of this technique, it is possible to initiate a lasting change in vibrations and to permanently bring the soul’s vibrational pattern back into harmony.

What do you understand by vibration patterns?

Every person has certain, individual vibration patterns. You can imagine it like a geometric diagram, a mandala, which is harmonious all around in its pure state. Defects in the human vibration pattern, which have accumulated on the physical, mental or spiritual level, distort these and result in a disharmonious picture.

How do you change the vibrational pattern?

Such disharmonies can ultimately only be regulated and corrected by self-healing forces. Traditionally, self-healing forces are supported by administering chemical substances (medicines, homeopathy, etc.), physical stimuli (pressure, temperature, sound applications, etc.) and/or providing assistance on a psychological level (psychological and psychotherapeutic treatments, etc.). In addition, there are holistic approaches that seek to return people to their balance in various ways. Such a holistic approach is also deltaCure®. Its peculiarity is that it concentrates on the level of the soul, which is predominant for the harmony of the whole person.

As in homeopathy and other related methods, the change takes place through vibrational impulses. However, deltaCure® uses, and in this respect this is a new approach, vibrational impulses that are called up from the totality of all existing vibrations. We call these vibrations from cosmic or universal fields, hence the term cosmic homeopathy.

How can I imagine these vibrational impulses?

According to our conception – which coincides with practically all holistic approaches – everything around us, or “everything that is”, consists of the basic vibrations of light and love in various degrees. The source of this light and love is what we call the Original Source, the origin of all being, or also God, Creator, etc..

Derived from this is a kind of pattern vibration of the soul, which is pure and harmonious in every way. We call this primal soul. It is the source of the individual souls. You can think of it as the primal soul acting as a prism through which light flows. This light divides into spectral colors that form a rainbow. The rainbow stands for the single soul, which materializes at its destination of stars, planets, humans, animals, plants, but also forms unknown to us so far.

The task of the person treating with deltaCure®, the “deltaCurer”, is to reconnect the rainbow, which no longer exists in its original harmony, but is disharmonious – e.g. due to blockages of the light connection, clouding or similar – piece by piece with its harmonious origin, the original soul, so that it learns to be in harmony again. This is done through a special meditation technique that allows the deltaCurer to access your own soul and reconnect to the prism, your primal soul, where the individual corrective vibrations can be retrieved. This meditation technique is specifically focused on feeling and leads you into a level of meditation that can best be described by the feeling of coming home and gratitude.

Why is this meditation method called deltaCure®?

The name is derived from the frequency the therapist works with, the delta frequency. This corresponds to the vibrational level we reach in deep sleep, that is, the deepest level of the subconscious mind. This is where a healthy soul regenerates most intensively, and accordingly the highest healing power develops at night or during sleep: the deeper you sleep, the greater the healing. Therefore, deltaCure® can also be called deep sleep phase technique!