Welcome to my deltaCure®-practice in Saarbrücken

Simone Tomasetti-Freymann
Treatment and coaching/supervision with deltaCure®

The deltaCure® technique is an instrument that can be used quickly and efficiently in daily life to activate self-healing powers and thus to dissolve inner conflicts, to initiate changes and to achieve a lasting healing of ailments. You can find more details e.g. in the interview with Simone. A treatment or coaching includes one or more sessions.

What does deltaCure® do? deltaCure®?

deltaCure® can bring about healing on the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level: The main focus of deltaCure® is to positively change the vibration of a person, but also of any other individual, for his or her benefit. It works a little bit like homeopathy, which also works with vibration changes. With the difference that deltaCure® does not take its impulses for

vibration changes not from individual elements and substances, but from existing vibration fields. This can trigger new thinking, feeling and behavior in the client’s life. For example

  • self-sabotage, experienced traumas, shocks and dramas can be dissolved
  • your cellular consciousness directed towards health, vitality and regeneration
  • success and goal achievement manifested
  • energetic blockades, such as curses, oaths, promises, vows, etc., invalidated
  • houses, rooms, objects, plants, fields, etc., cleansed
  • foreign energies removed

and much more….

Procedure of a session

Each session is based on the individual needs of the client. With your consent, limiting beliefs that stand in the way of your well-being and goals are identified, and these are then energetically replaced with positive beliefs and feelings. This enables you to think, feel, act and achieve different results.

Sessions can take place on-site or online.

How many sessions do I need?

deltaCure® works very quickly. A lot can be worked on in a single session. The number of sessions needed depends on the topic and its complexity. Noticeable changes can often be seen after the first session.

Duration and cost

The first session  lasts about 90 minutes, subsequent sessions are about 60 minutes depending on the topic and its complexity, but can be shorter or longer.

On-site treatments or remote treatments via Zoom or telephone are charged according to duration. We generally charge 50,- Euro (incl. VAT) for each half hour or part thereof, resulting in the following prices:

50,- Euro (30 min.)

100,- Euro (60 min.)

Comparable prices apply to the costs of a coaching/supervision session.

Additional meditation

In order to strengthen and perpetuate the energetic effect, I offer an individual meditation specially tailored to the client, which is recorded immediately after the session. The meditation is saved in the universally usable MP3 format (another format can be chosen upon request) and sent by email. Ideally, it is listened to at regular intervals – preferably daily before going to sleep – and thus continues to have an effect beyond the actual treatment.

For the meditation I charge 100,- Euro.


Recognizing problems and solving problems with the constellation of persons and relationships and subsequent dissolution of negative components (repositioning) with deltaCure.

This session – on site or via Zoom – takes about 2,5 h and costs 250,- Euro. An additional written evaluation costs 50,- Euro.


For further questions and to make an appointment for treatment/coaching/supervision please contact the practice.

You can reach us via the data in our contact form.

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