After training, studies and four children, I had decided in 2007 to make another professional change. In search of alternative methods for the recovery of my family, some of whom suffered from chronic diseases, I had gone through an odyssey of about 10 years in search of effective remedies. When I finally learned about some methods that convinced me right away and that I was able to use to help my family, there was no question in my mind that my new career path would lead me into healthcare. In 2008 I opened my own practice and since 2009 I have trained numerous students as a ThetaHealing® teacher in more than a hundred seminars.

In my practice I have been able to help many people. But with some clients I reached a point that certain problems seemed to disappear at first, but then reappeared after a certain time. When I became aware of this, I began to look further and experiment. In the process, I discovered that there was a much simpler and effective way to help people: that was the birth of the deltaCure® technique. I literally got access to it in my sleep: in deepest relaxation, in the delta state, I was shown how to connect and harmonize with the origins of All That Is and the universal knowledge, in order to reach harmony with oneself.

In the meantime I have already trained numerous deltaCure® teachers, who in turn have trained and continue to train numerous deltaCure® users. It fills me with joy that deltaCure® is so well received, and I can only encourage all those who wish to embark on the path to learn this wonderful and easy technique.

Simone Tomasetti-Freymann, Founder of deltaCure®