Teaching deltaCure®

If you not only want to practice, but also pass on the knowledge of the deltaCure® technique to others, you can become a deltaCure® teacher. For this, you should already have learned something more about deltaCure® and ideally have already worked with this technique. We assume that with the completion of the three basic seminars you already know so much about deltaCure® that you can start a teacher training. The teacher seminars are held exclusively by Simone herself. This ensures that all teachers have the same basic knowledge and that new deltaCure® practitioners are trained in a consistent quality. In addition, you will get to know each other personally at the latest.

For each deltaCure® basic seminar there is a corresponding teacher seminar, with the completion of which you will receive a certificate that entitles you to hold the respective basic seminar. Again, the certificate is valid for three years and the three-year period begins again after each additional teacher seminar completed. Teachers do not have to pay any fees or other charges either; only for the preparation of our certificates for those who have attended a seminar with you, which you can download online for printing, a small expense contribution is due to cover costs incurred by us (currently: 20 euros per seminar). You can also download our teaching materials free of charge from our website and print them out for your course participants. Alternatively, you can also purchase bound copies from us at cost price.