E3.3 Become a Master

To be a deltaCure® Master If you are as enthusiastic about deltaCure® as we are and you want to work as a deltaCure® teacher at the highest level, you can also acquire the deltaCure® Master. This requires that you have completed all student and teacher courses and pass the master’s exam at the end of […]

E3.1 Become a Practitioner

Practicing deltaCure® If you want to work with the deltaCure® technique, be it because you are already working in a healing or health profession in an existing practice, be it because you want to open your own practice or even just because you are looking for a practicable method for self-help for yourself and your […]

E3.2 Become a Teacher

Teaching deltaCure® If you not only want to practice, but also pass on the knowledge of the deltaCure® technique to others, you can become a deltaCure® teacher. For this, you should already have learned something more about deltaCure® and ideally have already worked with this technique. We assume that with the completion of the three […]

E3.4 Training Catalog

Base Courses Soul Basics 1 Basic concepts/technique soul/primal soul, vibrations, feelings 3 days learn more Universe Basics 2 Basic Concepts/Techniques II Cosmic Laws, Universe of Manifestation 3 days learn more Multiverse Basics 3 Light matrix work, vibration raising, zero-point energy, karma resolution, and more.. 3 Tage learn more In-Depth Courses Aura Recognize and change disturbances […]

E1.2 Practice Saarbrücken

Welcome to my deltaCure®-practice in Saarbrücken Simone Tomasetti-Freymann Treatment and coaching/supervision with deltaCure® The deltaCure® technique is an instrument that can be used quickly and efficiently in daily life to activate self-healing powers and thus to dissolve inner conflicts, to initiate changes and to achieve a lasting healing of ailments. You can find more details […]

E1.1 About Simone

Simone After training, studies and four children, I had decided in 2007 to make another professional change. In search of alternative methods for the recovery of my family, some of whom suffered from chronic diseases, I had gone through an odyssey of about 10 years in search of effective remedies. When I finally learned about […]

E1.0 Introduction

Introduction to deltaCure® deltaCure® is an instrument that can be used quickly and efficiently in daily life to activate self-healing powers. Behind it is a special meditation technique, which has been developed by Simone Tomasetti-Freymann in many years of energetic work on the basis of the most diverse healing practices and methods and which functions […]

E0 Home

Light up your life – find the universe within! Welcome to deltaCure! deltaCure® has been around for about three years. It has emerged from the experiences of my years of treating many people in need of help and dealing with a wide variety of treatment methods. They have opened the way for me to a […]