Become a Master

To be a deltaCure® Master If you are as enthusiastic about deltaCure® as we are and you want to work as a deltaCure® teacher at the highest level, you can also acquire the deltaCure® Master. This requires that you have completed all student and teacher courses and pass the master’s exam at the end of […]

Become a Practitioner

Practicing deltaCure® If you want to work with the deltaCure® technique, be it because you are already working in a healing or health profession in an existing practice, be it because you want to open your own practice or even just because you are looking for a practicable method for self-help for yourself and your […]

Become a Teacher

Teaching deltaCure® If you not only want to practice, but also pass on the knowledge of the deltaCure® technique to others, you can become a deltaCure® teacher. For this, you should already have learned something more about deltaCure® and ideally have already worked with this technique. We assume that with the completion of the three […]

Training Catalog

Base Courses Soul Basics 1 Basic concepts/technique soul/primal soul, vibrations, feelings 3 days learn more Universe Basics 2 Basic Concepts/Techniques II Cosmic Laws, Universe of Manifestation 3 days learn more Multiverse Basics 3 Light matrix work, vibration raising, zero-point energy, karma resolution, and more.. 3 Tage learn more In-Depth Courses Aura Recognize and change disturbances […]

Online appointment booking with Simone

Here you can directly book an online appointment (Zoom) with Simone. Consultation hours for online appointments are regularly on Mondays or by appointment.

Practice Saarbrücken

Welcome to my deltaCure®-practice in Saarbrücken Simone Tomasetti-Freymann Treatment and coaching/supervision with deltaCure® The deltaCure® technique is an instrument that can be used quickly and efficiently in daily life to activate self-healing powers and thus to dissolve inner conflicts, to initiate changes and to achieve a lasting healing of ailments. You can find more details […]

About Simone

Simone After training, studies and four children, I had decided in 2007 to make another professional change. In search of alternative methods for the recovery of my family, some of whom suffered from chronic diseases, I had gone through an odyssey of about 10 years in search of effective remedies. When I finally learned about […]

Treatment with deltaCure®

Treatmeant with deltaCure® deltaCure® is an energetic treatment method practiced by trained and appropriately certified users. Regular training and further education of our practitioners guarantee that the original method is always used at the latest state of the art. Under the heading “find deltaCurer” you can find a deltaCure user in your area and make […]